Thursday, October 1, 2009

All Aboard!

Hello! My name is Lisa and I am a tech-a-holic! I came across this interesting blog and I had to share it:

The Bamboo Project

I hope to share ideas about education, technology, and life with you. I am an educator, an instructional technology specialist, a mother, a wife, a foodie, and basically any other noun you can imagine. My blogs are going to reflect the many dimensions of my life.

Firstly, I have two children. We will call them "W" and "J". "W" is 3 years old and "J" is turning 2 in December. I am proud to say that this is day #2 being "bottle-free" at our house. "Big boys drink a sippy cup" is the new mantra around the apartment...wise words to live by, if you ask me. "J" has not asked for his beloved ba-ba since's hoping for success. Now, if we could only getting him to sleep in his own bed the whole night through....

As many will learn, this is my seventh year as an educator and my first year as an instructional technology specialist. It is truly a different ball of wax. I do not have lesson plans or direction at this time. I feel sometimes that I am floundering around, trying to find my own way. Yet, it is also very much sink or swim...I can remember my first year teaching. They gave me a teacher's edition and keys to my room. That was it! I was on my own. It is very much the case now. I have help but no set directive or plan of action. So, I am constantly wondering what I am supposed to be working on, doubting if I am doing things correctly, and constantly second-guessing myself. I hope to soon find my footing in this new career.

So, as is my goal, I will begin this post by saying "Welcome Aboard" and share an interesting and helpful website I found. I really like the Timer, Hamburger Bun, Venn Diagram, and Flashcard Generator.

All Aboard!

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