Friday, October 9, 2009

Like Pistachio Pudding on the Window

Lately life has been very trying. I compare it to scraping pudding off a window...J loves to take his food and smear it on the windows of our apartment. I will forget and often have to come back later and scrape it off...

I have not been feeling well lately. Very tired, run down, overall exhausted. I have also been having some other "female" issues. Wednesday I went to a new doctor. She was very nice and professional, examined me top to bottom (literally). She found "something" while she was examining me and has ordered more tests. To my bad luck, I cannot go back in for these tests until the 23rd....I am such a worrier. I have been trying not to think of it but ultimately, my mind wanders to the intruder in my uterus (as I now call it).

My husband has also decided that he doesn't want anymore children. I am struggling greatly with this and can't seem to accept this as final truth. Yes, I know the logistics of having more children seem overwhelming, but you can make any situation work when you want it badly enough. I am now having to redefine and examine my marriage.

At work, we have had two of our three Technology Showcases. This has been very exciting and has taken my mind off the stresses of my life. We have featured the latest technologies available as well as neat hardware teachers can write grants for....It is nice to see the excitement teachers get at the latest and greatest toys for education.

So, as I promised, another tool I use is Animoto. It is far better than PhotoStory and much easier...

Keep scraping that pudding....

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