Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nervous Nelly

I am such a nervous nelly. I just presented "Tech Academy" to my administrators and froze up during the presentation. I just kind of looked like a tech deer in headlights, begging for $2300 in funding. I do not think that went well at all. I tried my best to answer their questions but ended up studdering, stammering, and just drawing a blank. We shall see what happens....

It has been so rainy and dreary here. We have passes to the fair and rodeo but haven't went because of the rain. I am hoping to take the kids later this week.

Yesterday, I presented ITools with my team mates. I didn't think that went well either. It was silent while I was talking, and no one was chiming in. I get so nervous when that happens and end up rambling...I think I might just be off my "A" game.

My husband and I have both started taking vitamins. We purchased these vitapaks from GNC. So far, no change yet. I am hoping for more energy. I need it to keep up with everything.

A neat site I cam across is Newspaper Clipping Generator. I am thinking of using this as TAKS practice. Post an article from Weird News and don't show the article's title. Have the students come up with a title and summarize the article. What a great way to pratice summarization!

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