Friday, November 20, 2009

60 Sec Recap

All the buzz lately is over the 60 sec. recap. Well, here is my week in that same concept.

The beginning of the week was busy! I had to take "J" to get his flu shot. He also got a HEP shot. He felt so bad and I felt so bad for him. He and his brother have been extra fussy and fighting alot in the evenings. "W" keeps getting into trouble at daycare to the point that the teachers want to contact me at work. The teachers said that time outs just don't seem to work....tell me something new.

W got excited at school and kicked a mirror, breaking it into pieces. I guess he is my gifted child after all =)

Mark, Bob, and I went to Thanksgiving lunch at the kids daycare on Thursday. It was exciting, and a milestone. It was the first thing like that we have ever attended. The boys were too excited to eat and ended up playing. That was ok with me. I was just glad to see them during the day.

Today, I went back to the doctor to follow up with my cyst. It has shrunk and the doctor believes it should disappear soon. Great news! I also did my first Thanksgiving videoconference. It was a complete success. We vc'd with a school in Minnesota. The kids did great playing 20 questions...

Getting ready for the holiday break. A neat page I found:

It is a neat way of doing online scrapbooking. I used it to put together a Thanksgiving page on my school's website.

Take care!

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