Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Fun Filled Weekend

Mark headed out for his anual trip to East Texas early Friday morning. Although he did not get a deer, he had fun and came home tired and relaxed. I spent the weekend with my boys and BOY did we have fun.

Friday night, we ate at Whataburger with "Mamaw" and "Papaw". Then, we went to Jumping Party. That night was crazy. I started out sleeping in my bed. Sometime during the night, both boys came and got in my I slept on the couch (with the puppy). Saturday morning "J" woke up at 5:45!!!! "W" slept until 8:30. We cleaned the house and then ate lunch at Baris. The boys love their pizza and spaghetti. It is a huge mess. After that, we went to the zoo. We rounded out the evening at Mamaw and Papaw's eating hot dogs. That night, again both boys came and got in my bed. I was so tired I just slept between them.

Sunday morning, "W" got up at 6:45 and "J" slept until 8...We hurriedly got dressed and went to Shipleys for some donuts. I forgot that I had put my wallet in the diaper bag, and I only had my purse with me at Shipleys. Luckily, Mamaw was on her way to church and stopped by to pay for our breakfast. Once we got my wallet, we went grocery shopping. I was doing so good (or so I thought). I strapped J into his car seat, loaded groceries, and drove off....little did I realize that W was not buckled in. Once we were almost home, W jumped out of his car seat and climbed in the front passenger seat. After the stroke, I got us all home safely.

I seriously do not know how a single mom/dad does it. I did it for one weekend and forgot my wallet and strapping a child in his seat. So, when Daddy got home Sunday, I was very relieved. We also got a Christmas tree this weekend.. So Mark came home to a beautiful tree, a present under the tree (a new SFA shirt), two happy boys, and a very tired mommy.

Tech Tip of Today:

Don't have time to make a PowerPoint???? Use this site....

Pete's PowerPoint Station

I like the interactives for the kids as well as the powerpoints. They are nicely put together and come complete with visuals. Have a good one!

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