Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am addicted....

to the Smartboard, that is...I spent today making my very first Smartboard lessons. I am sure they would be considered basic but I am proud of them. I created them for a remedial pull-out reading class. After showing the Smartboard at our last faculty meeting, I have now become very busy making lessons for teachers. Some have asked me which is better, a Smartboard or a Mobi Interwrite tablet???? I like both, but I just can't decide. I can see the benefits of both.

I have also helped write a grant this round. The teacher wants a printer that will make posters. I came up with some pretty clever activities you could do with this printer:

1. Students can create customized motivational posters. Suddenly,
a picture of Abe Lincoln becomes a motivational poster for honesty.

2. Magazine covers can be designed for various story settings. When
studying colonial America, students invent a magazine for the times.

3. Students can reinvent an important instructional concept into a
pop art poster. A math theory of angles will jump off the page when
transformed by colors and design features.

4. When studying time periods, students can create mosaics using a
variety of media. Westward Expansion is illustrated by images of
the settlers, horses, and homesteads.

5. Story settings and historical events become movie posters. The Mayflower is “now showing” and features pilgrims, a cast, and a catchy scene summary.

6. Students can construct their own maps of towns, villages, and geographical features as they are covered in class. Students can invent their own islands and become cartographers, equipping their maps with the fundamentals of geography.

7. The class can create their own calendar. Each class can have their own month, researching important historical dates, holidays, and class events.

8. Students develop posters for vocabulary terms, concepts, and other instructional objectives. The students will create meaningful content and long-term mastery of material will occur.

There are a few sites that allow you to create posters (blockposters.com) but this printer makes professional grade posters. So, that was my day...I am getting excited about ESC12 this Thursday. I just hope I don't get too nervous. When I do, I talk really fast. On a personal note, it seems as if everyone is finally healthy. I just wish we would all sleep in our own beds. This weekend we get to start working on the new house so it should be exiciting.

Have a great week!


  1. What great ideas for ways to use poster-making printer. Those are great ideas even if you don't have a printer like that. Would you mind if I shared some of those ideas with teachers at my school (giving you full credit of course)?

  2. I, too, LOVE the SMARTBoard and its capabilities....but why aren't there more people SHARING their smartboard creations?!?!? I've only seen maybe three collections out there, and I know that there are thousands of teachers out there creating GREAT-AWESOME-WONDERFUL content....shouldn't we be sharing the love?
    ---Kristen B---

  3. Doesn't the SMART Notebook software make you feel like you could be a educational activity designer? I get that feeling when I am working on Promethean activities in ActivInspire, it lets me create activities that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. Such a sense of accomplishment (no matter how simple!).
    I have often thought about how much I would enjoy a large format printer. For a while my husband had a start up that had several VERY large format printers, I had great fun creating customized posters for my classroom. It is hard to find good ready made posters for the comptuer classroom!