Thursday, February 11, 2010

Notes from TCEA

These are my notes from TCEA. I know they are not organized or easy to follow but here you will find a lot of neat resources. There is one more site coming but won't be ready till Sunday.

http// will be ready after Sunday. This site will have hundreds of educational and fun websites. Have fun reading my notes and please share these valuable sites and ideas with others.

I need a Website Quick:
This session covers Adobe Fireworks CS4v in designing a webpage.
During the break, I spoke with a lady from Waco ISD who attended a neat Web 2.0 session beforehand; she gave me this site: (Session Resources)
We made a page in a very complicated program (Adobe Fireworks)...but we used to get some free photos.
Putting the Fun back in Learning with 21st Century Tools:
Using you can provide a classroom rich in 21st century skills. Interactives shown were the lemonade stand, Power Up, Primary Krypto, Comic Creator, ARTSEDGE (Perfect Pitch), EConEdlink, and the rest of the content providers.
Tinkerball at was a really neat interactive .
Apps for IPhone/IPod
Notes from Exhibits:
Check out under Student Activities for some cool stuff

Adding Pizzazz with Web 2.0: (also note the copyright link for teaching copyright and fair use)

I also came across and for more Web 2.0 goodies

Here is a neat page for images

Fun using for a door prize activity using the coin flipper - fun!

I overheard this site in the hall: look under Resources.

Getting Creative with Digital Images:

Using Office to teach ELA

Create your own room and Twitter hashtag (great for backchanneling)

To create a neat panoramic image, - it places the pictures where they belong. I also like Kaleidocycle...

IFlip for Videos:

Found these while waiting...distance learning pdf and and ( cool tool for Word Clouds)

Google Tools with Tammy

Print, Cut and Fold
Check out the Copyright resources under Links. Templates are in my Google docs. for fun stuff to do with PowerPoint.

Don't let Technology be Your Titanic

Take pictures of people at the door - when their picture comes up, they win a prize.
Use pictures when you tell a story.
Use the SMARTBoard as a way of taking attendance during professional development. For examples, have teachers drag their apple to the tree as they come in.
You can use the timer for time management.

Use GPS for prof dev - have an Amazing Race, a campus scavenger hunt, etc. Use it when you have a new campus open to learn the building, to get to know other depts.

Use Clickers to ask "What percent of our students were at risk in 08-09?" The categories can be TAKS, AEIS, Demographics, Getting to know you.

Google Earth lessons:

Educational and Useless Websites

http// Google APPs for Education

iTouch i Learn.... (look in Google Docs for powerpoints and hand-outs) Educational Graphic Resources


  1. Holy cow! Resources galore, can't wait to sort through and look at all of these. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to what you have for us on Sunday :o)

  2. I use Morguefile a lot. The only one I like more is Sprixi and it is offline at the moment. Sprixi actually puts the CC license on as a watermark, whereas Morguefile you don't need to attribute at all.