Monday, April 19, 2010

Better late than Never...

Ok, I just discovered TED talks. I know, I know...I am behind the times. If you need inspiration, TED talks will fill that need. There is also an application short cut that runs using Silverlight that you can have on your desktop.

Another "idea worth speading" is Awesome Highlighter. I really like Diigo and the ability to annotate and bookmark however, anything categorized as social bookmarking is blocked by our school filer. Awesome Highlighter allows students to highlight anything on the webpage they are viewing, and has the option to email the highlighted material or copy it to the clipboard.

CNN Student News is GREAT! Everyday, CNN has a 10 minute news program for students 8th grade and up (although I bet 5th and 6th grade could follow along). There are lessons, transcripts, and you can even preview the next broadcast. I see so many possibilities for this in class. You could tie the current events to journal writing, discussion, or a great way to conclude class on those days you might finish a little sooner than expected.

Lastly, I came across Google Earth 101 for Educators. While I am still new to Google Earth, this site provides much needed step-by-step for learning such a complex program. I also like the information available on the left side under "main sections", such as Geo-caching for Educators.

On a personal note, I have decided to apply to graduate school through Tarleton State University. I hope I can do has been seven years (and two kids) since I have been enrolled in school. Wish me luck!

Have a great week!


  1. I love TED too, and often find gems that make me pause, ponder and marvel.

    I do wish you luck!

  2. TED is incredible, love the inspiration to be unearthed there!
    Best of luck as you work toward graduate school, that is exciting news!