Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Voicethreads and Art Sites

This week has been a great week. Due to TAKS testing, I have been kicked off my campus. (My office is used for one-on-one test administration.) I have been working with my team at our technology office. I love working with my group. They are fun people to be around, and great at what they do. They have the best ideas, the best tips, and they are just downright fun people. I am teaching a class this summer over Voicethreads with a partner. We have been developing our 1/2 day course and this is what we have:

Please feel free to comment or add to our voicethreads.

One of my team members had a list of art websites. She received this list from Terry, one of the talented ladies at WorknSmartr . I haven't checked these out but they look pretty good:

Have a great, productive week!

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  1. What an awesome workshop! It looks like you are ready to go, wish I could take it in person but love that you share it here for us to take virtually.