Thursday, May 27, 2010


I always loved when I taught idioms. I would have the students make a poster. They would divide it in half; one side had the literal meaning, the other had the implied meaning. Today, @carlaarena introduced me to the Flickr group for "Idioms in English".

This would be an awesome activity. Have the students use either flipcams or digital cameras to find examples of idioms. They could then explain the literal and implied meaning. If you used a flipcam, you could make the videos a movie (using Moviemaker) and watch them on "Movie Day". Even bring popcorn...if you did digital pictures, you could do a Photo story, and still watch them on "Movie Day"...

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  1. Thanks, Lisa for the encouragement! In fact, it was a friend´s idea, Michael Coghlan, and we´re going to try to add as many photos as possible, and the idea of having students add their own is even better! Hope to see your photos there!

    Cheers from sunny Brasilia,