Monday, May 24, 2010

It's all about ELA!

And it's all about CHANGE!

I think it's ironic that when I typed "ELA" into my BigHuge Thesaurus, terrorist organizations popped up. This post is all about ELA. Here are some sites this week and my ELA ideas for each (in no particular order)

1. Wordsteps - When studying grammar (for example, idioms) it would neat to see how certain phrases and words could translate. When studying literature (such as Julius Caesar) it would be awesome to translate some of those pivotal phrases, such as "Et tu Brutus".

2. Skype an Author - @MZimmer557 mentioned this site today via Twitter. It would be awesome to connect with an author and ask them poignant questions.

3. Lit2Go - This is one @eduese introduced me to at PASA two years ago. I love the extensive collection of audio books. Perfect for any reader...

4. Pearltrees - Pearltrees is an neat alternative to Wallwisher and Edistorm. I think it would be a neat way to brainstorm any number of things, not just writing. Post an argument and have the students defend a position.

5. Author Webpages - This is a neat site filled with author webpages. This tool would be useful when introducing a new novel. The students could research the author beforehand.

6. Writing Prompts - My buddy, @mwedwards, mentioned this site and I LOVE IT! It is a place to find many creative writing starters (prompts). This person @wsfcsdit has so many hooks for getting students to write!

7. The Old Farmers' Almanac - This could be used for numerous point of view writing assignments. Write about today from the perspective of a farmer, a farmer's wife, the garden, the cow....

8. Noodletools - Similar to Easybib, this site helps you cite your research. My buddy, @edtechconnect, likes this site because it will cite APA style.

9. Biocube - This is a neat site to summarize someone you researched...great biographical tool!

10. To Kill A Mockingbird projects - @jpsteltz has AWESOME projects for his TKAM unit that can be adapted to ANY novel/short story. Check out his student prezis, scrapblogs, etc.


  1. What a great list of resources! Love things that deal with ELA and writing! By the way @wsfcsdit is Winston-Salem, Forsyth County Schools Department of Instructional Technology. @swalker2 did a skype an author visit with several different classes at the same time last year. If I can find where he blogged about it, I will try to send it your way!

  2. Many tools I have not seen. Will pass this on to my English teachers. Thanks for sharing these resources