Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Misc sites and GRE goodies

I am preparing to take the GRE. I am super nervous about this test. In preparing for the test, I stumbled upon VocabSushi. It is pretty challenging and entertaining at the same time. My buddy, SHansen, also gave me these sites:




When looking for useful search engines, someone mentioned Mashpedia. I like this search engine. It brings up top news, trending people/topics, and search results contain videos, flickr images, and social media mentions.

60SecondRecap is one I can appreciate as an English teacher at heart. You could use this 60SecondRecap as a trailer/teaser into a novel, as review along the way, or students could create their own 60SecondRecap as an assessment.

Guess the wordle is a game I played with my English classes. I would put together a wordle over vocabulary terms, characters in a story we were reading, or grammar concepts I covered that day. Part of their warm-up was to guess the wordle in their journal. @GuessTheWordle has a site called Guess The Wordle. It is fun to play and definitely a neat tool you could use in the classroom.

Three more sites I found this week are Livebinders, Web 2.0 Top 1,000 List, and How to Create a Tour in Google Earth. And if you like panoramas, check out Panoramas.dk - awesome images!

Have a great week! Also, if you have any tips, tricks, or sites that might help me with the GRE, let me know by leaving a comment or via Twitter @lisamonthie

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  1. I am having so much fun with the Panorama images, remember those cameras that needed special film that would take longer panoramic pictures?