Friday, May 14, 2010

This Story Makes me Angry

Waco-Area Parent: Child's Wheelchair Reason Given For Long Wait at Restaurant:

I received this email from an employee within our district that details this event. I have changed names to protect the family's privacy. I have also omitted the staff member's name.

I contemplated sending this out to the faculty and staff. I
decided I must.

This past Sunday Joe, a former student and player of mine,
along with his family went to Cheddars. Joe and his wife Jill
have a son named Jim who has a spinal condition that has relegated him
to a wheelchair.

They arrived around 3:00 p.m. They were told the wait would be
approximately 12 minutes. After about 30 minutes, and after multiple
parties who came in after them were seated, Joe's wife Jill
approached the hostess and manager to make sure their name was still on
the list. He told them it was.

After another 15 minutes and numerous other parties being seated ahead
of them, she again approached the manager. This time he became
belligerent and told them they were still trying to find them a table.
Jill asked why others who obviously came in after them were being
seated before them. The manager (who is now raising his voice for all
to hear) told her that the wheelchair Jim was in would block the aisles
and that only able-bodied patrons could be seated at this time until the
crowd subsided.

She turned around and asked Joe if he heard what the man just said.
Joe did hear it, but asked him to repeat it. The guy came from
around the stand, threw up his arms and repeated what he told them,
again raising his voice. The manager offered to show Jill how the
chair would block the aisles. Jill told him he did not need to show
her. Joe said at this time Jill began to cry. The manager told
them that if this was not satisfactory, they could leave, and if they
kept making a scene, he would be forced to call the police.

Joe asked for his name. The manager refused to give it to him,
saying he could get it at He asked for the two hostess'
names and the manager told him they were available online as well. At
this time, the manager picked up the phone and called the police.
Joe gathered his family and left. He said the other folks waiting
for a table were literally dumbfounded by the manager's actions. Many
of them left as well.

I just spoke to Joe and have tried to make sure this recount is as
accurate as possible. I realize how hard this is to believe. In this
day and age, that someone could be so blatantly inconsiderate is really
quite unfathomable. I am sickened by it.

What you do with this information is up to you. I just thought everyone
I know should here this story.

Now that I know, I do not think I will be frequenting Cheddars.


  1. That makes me angry too, it is never okay to decide that you can't be bothered to do something for someone else. Sad.

  2. It is hard to believe that this sort of attitude still exists in this day and age. I am appalled. I'm also very disappointed that noone stood up to be counted and support this family.