Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One More Music Video Idea

I forgot...I used to practice open end response questions with music videos. I used "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks and always asked:

"Should the girls be held criminally responsible for what they did to Earl?"

Short Stories and Movie Videos

I am always looking for neat extensions to anything. Yesterday, a few English teachers and I were discussing a few of our favorite short stories. I mentioned William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily. Someone mentioned she shows Tanya Tucker's Delta Dawn video and discusses the similarities between the characters Delta Dawn and Miss Emily.

Then someone mentioned The Cask of Amontillado and I mentioned Toby Keith's "It's a Little Too Late" and how these two settings are the same. Then as a class we also mentioned irony.

I love literature...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lord of the Flies "Stuff"

A friend needed some of my Lord of the Flies worksheets. I placed them all here:


Friday, June 11, 2010

Grad School 2.0 Tools

Today, I attended my first face to face class in grad school at Tarleton. Dr. Worrell (@DrWorrell) is awesome and has so many cool tools and great ideas for implementing technology in the classroom. She shared the following great sites today:

1. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Too many great tools here to name..I really liked Alternatime as one of her timeline resources, Best WebQuests, and Ask Kids ( a really cool search engine for kids).

2. Six Word Memoirs - I do not remember how I stumbled upon this site but what a fun writing assignment. Sum up yourself, the main character in our story, the plot of a novel or conflict in a novel, in six words. Divide the class into groups or partners and assign each a character, setting, conflict, lit. term, anything related to a story and have them make a six word memoir.

3. Social Media Posters - I am trying to find ways of using and promoting the use of social media within my campus/district. This is a neat assortment of posters that convey the importance of social media.

All in all, grad school is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I seem to be juggling things ok, but this is only week 1. Keep your fingers crossed for me...:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Plethora of Web 2.0 Tools and Writing Ideas

A plethora??? Yes, a plethora of goodies this week and my ideas as to how you can use them can be found here (in no particular order).

1. Social Networking - So Twitter is blocked...there are a few alternatives you can try. Yammer is really easy to use and provides a threaded discussion anyone can follow. You invite people to join your group, similar to Edmodo. Zonkk is another option. Zonkk allows you to customize your own web address and looks similar to Facebook in layout and capabilities.

2. iEtherpad is going problem, try or TitanPad. Both sites work in the same collaborative fashion.

3. Two really neat writing resources are Son of Citation Machine and Thesis Builder. These are both handy if you are writing any type of research paper.

4. I'm Under Arrest for What??? - I thought this would be a neat addition to a literature unit including Ben Franklin and his virtues and aphorisms. After studying Franklin's 13 virtues, have students compare those with these weird laws.

And to conclude here are three more misc. tools that I thought were simply too cool not to share:
1. SAIL On - Do you need interactives for your subject area? Look no more...
2. Movie Soundtrack Player - Simply type in the movie title and the entire soundtrack pops up. You can listen/play each song from the movie. This would be a neat addition to a literature or short story study. Create a playlist/soundtrack for a short story. Or listen to the soundtrack of a novel turned into a movie, such as Romeo and Juliet.
3. Clipart for History - Similar to Phillip Martin, this site has some really neat clipart you could use in a history/social studies classroom.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Innovative Grammar and Writing Practice

I am consistently coming across more and more neat tools that anyone can use to motivate students to write. Some of these sites would also make for great grammar practice as well. (Not your run-of-the-mill worksheet either.)

1. 5 Card Flickr - Using the images you "draw", write a story. This site would be a great way to journal. As a class, show the images we "drew", give the students 7-10 minutes to write, and share a few of the different versions of stories written based on the identical images. You could then discuss any line of literary devices, from point of view to even figurative language.

2. LetterJames - These would be a neat way to create a visual for any vocabulary, spelling, or literary term. Have the students create their own image for the term, print it out, and hang it up!

3. Fake Science poster - I love this sight! The posters are reminiscent of the 1950s. Have students discuss what is incorrect about each poster. Better yet, have students create a poster. Then, as a class, discuss what is incorrect about it.

4. MovieClips and Music - Both sights are great for introducing and reinforcing concepts. When teaching literary devices, such as irony, show a movie clip containing irony. I like that this site contains movies clips from movies all students should watch, such as Casablanca. When studying grammar (parts of speech for example) place the lyrics to a song on the board, let the students watch the video or listen to the song, then correct the grammar.

5. The What-if Question Genie - Again, another great tool to use as a warm-up or journal activity. Have the class choose a prompt that everyone can write to. Then, share a few of the different stories that result.

6. NextUp - This is a great tool you could utilize for classroom management. Put your agenda in it and let that help with management. You can put in 5 minutes for the warm-up, 10 minutes to read, and 20 minutes for discussion. This tool would really help things move in your classroom.

7. Nacho Foto - Find images of trending topics in real-time! This would be a great supplement to the "Today in History" so many people are a fan of. Put up images and read a brief summary of the current events story. This is a great resource for keeping students up to date on what is happening in the world.

8. Talk like Yoda - This would be a great tool to use when studying parts of a sentence and/or parts of speech. Have students identify what you are studying...then, have students create their own Yoda phrases. Perhaps even have students create a voki using their Yoda phrases.