Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Few More ELA Resources

I have been busy the past two weeks. I have taught the EOC Exam for Eng I and II, attended grad school classes, and been sick. So, for my two readers of this blog, I give you a few more resources and ideas for ELA class (in no particular order)

Education World: There are templates here for ANYTHING you might need. From awards to calendars, you can find it here. There is also a Language Arts section with templates for book reports and newsletters.

Word Games - What a way to practice and enhance vocabulary! This site is loaded with word games such as crossword puzzles to sudoku.

Picture Sandbox - Do you need images? There are millions to choose from here.

Videos for Class - Izzit has many short video clips complete with questions. Similar to CNN Student News, this site is a great way to practice TAKS skills such as summarizing and synthesizing information.

Synonym Finder - This would be another great tool to enhance vocabulary. This tool would also be helpful when writing.

The Human Calendar - I thought this is a great idea for a class calendar. Take pictures of all of your students and make a calendar.

Teen Chat Decoder - Not sure how to use this one...maybe have the kids re-write something using this decoder...or summarize a short story using this language...maybe Romeo and Juliet summed up in teen chat???

Wordia - I like the videos here. This is another great tool for vocabulary development. Simply type in your term, the definition comes up with a matching video.

Have a great week!

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