Monday, August 30, 2010

Grammar Practice

I get so many great ideas from Larry Ferlazzo. Here are three that can be geared for practicing grammar, specifically any part of speech or parts of a sentence:

1. Revised Image Go Round: This is a neat activity (sort of like the image go round I borrowed from Corrie at ESC12). Put 2-3 pictures at a group. Students look at the pictures, imagine what probably happened BEFORE the picture, and write sentences speculating about what might/could/may/must/can't/couldn't have happened to the people in the pics or suggest what they should/could have done to prevent their situations. Don't forget to number the sentences according to the numbers of the pictures. This could be used to practice any part of speech or part of a sentence….

2. Create a cube: This would be neat for your kids to create and share…it’s a cube all about them. They can pull in audio, video, pictures etc. This would be neat to use as a “get to know you”, intro to the personal narrative, or intro to researching biographies/people….

3. Create an Animoto over a "Dream Vacation": With this new unit about journey, here are some pictures of the place I would like to visit if money were no restriction. Can you guess what place that is? Write your guesses in the comment area, using the parts of speech we just learned.

4. Using Voicethread: I have seen many teachers using Voicethread. Have students type or read their sentences regarding your prompt. Emphasize use of the part of speech you covered in class that week. Then, play the voicethread back for the class, having them count the specific part of speech covered. The one with the closest answer wins....

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  1. Larry does provide such an awesome resource for teachers! These are excellent ideas for grammar practice.