Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Hero Unit and Princess Bride

In many English courses, there is a unit about a hero. Whether it is King Arthur, Julius Caesar, etc there is a hero unit. In this unit, stereotypes are explored and discussed. In the past, I used a research project based all on heroes: a literary hero, a historical hero, and a pop culture hero. Students had to research one person from each category and then conclude by defending their argument that indeed that person (such as Eminem) is a hero and fits the category of a hero.

At my last school, we taught King Arthur as our hero unit. I just watched "CBS Sunday Morning" and they covered Rob Reiner, who directed "Princess Bride". Of course, my light bulb went off. It would be really neat to show clips from "Princess Bride" or the movie in its entirety and discuss the heroes, stereotypes etc.

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