Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vocabulary Flashcards

I came across this idea today from @harrisonmike and @johannastirling. The idea is to use photos from Flickr to create flashcards. It would be neat to assign students vocabulary terms, give them a FlipCam or digital camera and set them loose. (It would be even better if the students were allowed to take them home, but school would be fine too.) Students will then capture the term in a photo, then have fun editing it using Picnik. After the photo is edited, the students could work together using Google docs to create a presentation over the assigned terms. They could then present them together.

Or, put the photos in Photo Story and create a movie over the terms. After the presentations are over, students could submit their photos to this Flickr channel, or the teacher can create his/her own Flickr channel to publish the students work.

Thanks @harrisonmike and @johannastirling for the great idea!

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  1. Excellent idea! This would make practicing and learning vocabulary so much more meaningful!