Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten Tools for Tuesday

Festisite - A neat site to make some creative items. Use the personalized money generator to put your kids' faces on money. Make a bulletin board and hang their money when they score well on an exam. Introduce Mt. Rushmore or the statue of liberty by putting a photo of your student on it.

Wondersay is a really simple and fun idea. With Wondersay, you can use any simple sentence or twitter account to generate a cool animation! Wondersayings are easy to create, customize and share. No software programs to download (it's all online), no sign-up or passwords (save them by copying the link or embedding them in your website), and all for free. Click the example below to see an example of a Wondersaying I made.

Cool Iris - It's simply the fastest and most stunning way to browse photos and videos from the Web or your desktop. Effortlessly scroll an infinite "3D Wall" of your content without having to click page to page, whether you'e on Facebook, Google Images, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Kodak Gallery, or any supported site. Or channel surf the latest news, TV episodes, movies, and music videos all from within Cooliris.

Livebrush - Livebrush is a drawing application. It employs an easy-to-use brush tool that reacts to your gesture. By combining simple motion controls with brush styles, Livebrush offers a fun and unique way to create graphics.

Word it Out - Simply enter some text and create your word cloud. You can keep your word cloud secret or share it. You can even embed it onto your webpage. The settings are also customizable.

Kaleidocycle - Upload your own photos and create a foldable cube. Create your own Rubix cube of review terms, images, etc.

Random - Check out the free random things you can do at this site. Play the coin flipper, dice roller, or card shuffler as a means of classroom collaboration

Where's George? - Do you ever wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been, or where it will go next? This is the place to find out. All you need to do is enter the denomination, series, and serial number of any US dollar bill, and your current USA ZIP or Canadian Post Code in the box below.

On my Birthday - Find out everything (and I mean everything) that happened on a specific day, such as your (or your students') birthday.

Spell with Flickr – Simply type a phrase or word in the box and watch the letters pulled from Flickr. If you do not like a letter, click on it and another pops up. What a neat way to practice spelling or vocabulary words.

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