Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Engaging and Interactive Ideas

I LOVE Learngamer. I think it is my new favorite site. There are so many great ideas, and @Learngamer shares many more on Twitter. I want to share my thoughts about a few of his ideas:

1. Pull it out of your Brain - Have the students read sentences out of the "brain" and write them correctly. This is great practice for complex, compound/complex, and other sentence structures. This would also be a great way of practicing punctuation, such as commas and end marks. Prize to the one who gets the most correct!

2. Chopstick Game - Have students draw vocabulary words out of the bowl, and define them correctly. If the student cannot, another student can try and steal the paper. The one with the most papers wins. Or, have the student draw a generic word out of the bowl (such as like or very). The student must come up with another word they can use in their writing instead of that generic word. Same concept here as before.

3. Hopscotch - Make your own hopscotch mats out of old sheets. Number them as you would a regular hopscotch mat. Then, write the numbers on your chalkboard and what they mean. For example, number 1 could be from a vocabulary list they must define. If they land on number 2, they must shout out a preposition. Have different tasks for the numbers they land on.

4. Frisbee - Have post it sticky notes on 4-5 frisbees. Toss them to students. If the student answers the question correctly, they keep the sticky note. The student with the most sticky notes wins. Take it a step further by having a student write a new question on a sticky note, stick it to the frisbee, and toss it next.

Thank you @Learngamer for the great ideas and inspiration!

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