Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Ideas for Digital Camera in ELA Classroom

Here is the original tweet from @kellyhines :

Doing a #365photo project? Here are some neat ideas

After looking through the ideas, I came up with a few of my own. For the photowalk, have students take pictures of their school campus and develop a type of "survival manual for incoming freshmen" or do an "all about our community project" and take pictures of the community (including members). These would both lend themselves to great writing projects.

For the strangers project, tweak this to include people around school or the community. I could see students interviewing janitors, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers and creating a type of "Who's Who at our School" for teachers and admin new to the campus.

For the A-Z project, have students take pictures of A-Z items that apply to a novel or play. For example, the students could take all sorts of pictures that tie in to the drama Romeo and Juliet. These could be themes (such as love or death) or other terms examined in the play.

For Go Mono and Pick a Something projects, these could both easily tie into novels or short stories. Students, while reading "The Scarlett Ibis" or "Mask of the Red Death" could take pictures of red items. When studying To Kill a Mockingbird, students could take pictures in black and white and discuss the symbolism of seeing things only in black and white.

Thanks @kellyhines for the great idea!

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