Friday, January 21, 2011

More Ideas from @Learngamer

There is a scene in Inglourious Basterds where they are playing a card game. Each person has written something on the card, passed it to the person to the right and stuck it on his/her forehead. The person must guess what is written on the card.

I love the idea from @Learngamer for Human Sticky Notes. Students place sticky notes on their bodies and guess the terms. I thought about tweaking this two ways:

1. Have students in groups do something similar to the movie. Seated, students write one term (vocabulary, a character from a story, or a part of speech) on a sticky note. The student then passes the note to the person on the right and that person immediately sticks it on his/her head. They spend the time trying to figure out what is on their heads.

2. Have students place sticky notes on each others' backs with terms written on them. Students walk around the room, asking peers for clues as to what is on their back. Once the student figures out the term, they move it from their back to their front. The student with the most on the front wins.

The other idea I loved is the Basketball game. This is how I would tweak it:

Have students in groups complete a short worksheet (4-5 problems). Each group has a runner. The runner brings the worksheet (once completed) to the teacher. The teacher briefly checks it; if correct, the student can ball it up and shoot it. The student then gets another worksheet to do the same thing. The group with the most worksheets in the hoop wins. You could have two hoops, one designated as 2point and one for 3 point.

Thanks again @Learngamer for the inspiration and creative make learning so much fun!

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  1. Dear Lisa, Thanks for sharing my ideas. I love your suggestions. I hope to keep inspiring you. My Facebook community is passionate about education. Please feel free to share your link on my FB page. Let's keep sharing and inspiring each other. Have a great day!
    ps I have a flying sentence game that might be good for you.