Saturday, August 16, 2014

Chrome Tools for Struggling Readers

Struggling Readers My mind is a blur with the past two weeks of information. I have learned all kinds of school management systems, analyzing data, writing curriculum, and trying to figure it all out. Despite all of these unique trainings, one issue kept bubbling up. How can we help struggling readers? Struggling readers need more interaction with text, may need background knowledge ahead of time, and may need assistance with vocabulary. I have a few Chrome tools I feel could help:

Chrome Extensions:

 Google Dictionary: self -explanatory, except it is right the on your extensions bar

Save to Google Drive: Students come across helpful graphic organizers (such as those from Eduplace and can save those directly to their Google Drive.

Email this page: If students have email, they can simply click on this and email any page.

Note Anywhere - This is a floating sticky note system. Students can make post-its and review them at anytime. 

Buffer - This extension allows students to share content to almost any social media.

 Evernote Clearly - Remove any distractions from online texts, such as newspaper articles.

 Chrome Speak - Simply right click on any text on any site and this will read to you.

 And for videos - Turn off the Lights! Use this extension to darken everything except the video, which is helpful with often distracting YouTube video suggestions.

 Spritzer: A great extension that allows the reader to skim the text at a faster rate.

 Please feel free to add any tools you find helpful for struggling readers!

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