Monday, September 1, 2014

Resources for Literary NonFiction, Short Fiction, and Media Literacy

Our first unit contains the writing process, literary fiction and non-fiction, and media literacy. Here are some of my favorite resources:

My Weblist for Media Literacy - This is a I created of Media Literacy resources. My favorites include Living Room Candidate, Old Radio Commercials, Newseum and

For Literary Nonfiction:

Teaching Channel Comic Books - A great intro to nonfiction.

This article contains many links to non-fiction reads for teens. Also, don't forget about great resources such as CNN Student News , Channel One, Kelly's Article of the Week,  and Tween Tribune.

Two Google Docs I stumbled upon via Twitter include resources for freshman and resources for High School Lit. Classes. 

For Fiction:

Edsitement contains many many resources for fiction.

Three Minute Fiction - I love this resource of short, high interest fictional reads from NPR.

Flash Fiction Online is a great start to many fictional pieces.

Teen Ink is a great site for teens, by teens.

There are also many fictional Twitter accounts to follow. My favorite is VeryShortStory....what a great ice breaker/warm-up for writing.

What are your favorite resources for Media Lit, non-fiction, or fiction?

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